An 84-kilometer footrace, at night, across the island of Bali from north to south.

This is the challenge that awaits young Swiss athlete Ariane Wilhem on 25 May, 2019

A mere 2 years after running her first trails (long distance cross-country running), Ariane is embarking on a crazy adventure to push her own limits during a unique and extraordinary race. In May 2019, she will take part in her first ultra-marathon. She has never run this sort of distance, let alone on a road and in weather conditions that will definitely take her out of her comfort zone.

Despite all the obstacles that may stand in her way, she remains confident:

“Even if it’s on my hands and knees, I will make it to the finish line.“

The Bali Hope Ultra is an ambitious project founded in 2017 by Tom Hickmann (GB).

The 20 athletes taking part in the 2019 edition, including Ariane, have been selected from all over the world and will take up the challenge of running 84 kilometers across the Indonesian island. In addition, each participant has committed to raising AUD 7,500 (over CHF 5,000) for a charity that helps disadvantaged Balinese children complete 6 years of primary schooling.

The fruit of this adventure will be a documentary, seen through the eyes of director Nicolas Wilhem, Ariane’s brother. Nicolas wants to understand what drives his sister,

what has pushed her to take part in such an epic challenge. But above all, he wants to know how she does it and what she is running after.

More than just a race, or a simple film, Ariane and Nicolas will share an intense human and emotional journey to the finish line of the Bali Hope Ultra.