A few hours from the start of the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, here are Ariane’s answers to the questions posted for her on our Facebook page.

What goes through your mind in the minutes before a race?

Cile de Minibus

Usually a little stress.
I really try to focus on my goal, on the race. It’s hard to really describe the state of mind. A lot of things go through my head, but it’s also kind of empty. It’s difficult to think, but at the same time I think about everything. I try to refocus, to calm my breathing and repeat to myself that it will go well.

A few days from the start of the race, do you feel psychologically and physically ready for the 80 or so kilometers you’re about to run?

Julia Schubiger

Psychologically I would say I do.
But it depends. There are times when, extremely optimistic and confident, I say to myself “yes, I can do it”, but there are always doubts too.
Physically, I think so too, but I know that I might be faced with some pain. I tell myself that it will go well, but I’m also aware that it might hurt, that it will hurt. I’ll have to deal with it.

What will you do if a huge snake crosses the road in front of you during this night race?

Annemarie Barnes

I’ll accelerate!

What makes you happy during a race?

Marie Léchot

All the emotions, the sharing.
Sharing is a big part of this race particularly: the influence on the community, but also everything that happened in Switzerland before coming here.
During normal races or training, it’s the physical feeling it gives me, even when it gets tough. It brings a sense of well-being. There’s all the endorphins, but also a feeling of freedom.

What is your mantra/ritual/proverb or the key thought to raise your spirits when (if) you want to give up?

Mylène d’Aloïa

That I can do it.
I really try to see the positive side of things. I don’t have a specific mantra, but I say things to myself like “You can do it, keep going”. I keep talking to myself in a positive way until the difficult period is behind me.

Will you be listening to music to pass the time?

Nicolas Wilhem

Maybe… I brought an mp3 player with me, but security-wise, there are quite a few places where it’s kind of dangerous to listen to music. You need to stay concentrated and attentive to cars on the road, so I’ll probably keep that as an option for the middle portion of the race, when it’s the middle of the night and there is less traffic. I might not listen to any music at all though.

Do you prefer running with or without a camera crew following you?

Moi (Joseph Barnes)

I think you know the answer to that. (laughs)
Clearly without the camera, since it’s easier to concentrate and get into a bubble… But I still like you guys.

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